Your house hasn't sold yet?


Your house hasn't sold in months, even years?

Don't panic and don't give up. If your home has been on the market for too long, something definitely has to change.

The first thing you should do is meeting with your Real Estate Agent to go over the marketing and price positioning. There are four things that sell a home:

1.        Location
2.        Price
3.        Condition
4.        Marketing

You can't change your location and if the condition is good then the only thing you need to look at is repositioning the price and analyze your agents marketing plans.


Is your price realistic? Pricing your home just 10% above market value dramatically cuts the number of prospective buyers that will even consider visiting your house. Ask your Agent for an analysis of what comparable properties have sold in your area, and how many days they were on the market. Ask also about current competition in your neighborhood, how many similar properties are currently on the market. If your agent doesn't get you this information, perhaps it's time to talk to someone else.

Remember: Price heels all ills. At the right price everything sells!


Often these little things make all the difference. If you have not yet tried professional staging, it is now the time. The experienced eye of a home stager can dramatically improve the way buyers feel about your home. This doesn't have to be too expensive, don't be afraid. Also, ask for new ideas from your real estate agent, your friends, anyone whose advice you trust.


Review the marketing plan your agent set out for your property. Maybe it is not visible to enough online viewers. Remember, the first thing your potential buyers will see when they search online are photos of your home. Make sure you have high quality pictures and an excellent description of your home.

Difficulty for buyers to view

If you have restricted hours, or require 24-hour notice, it can make things difficult on both the buyer and your agent. Buyers have busy lives too, so try and be flexible.

And here one last tip if none of this is working:

Consider to get out of the market temporarily and come back after some months with new pictures, better conditions of your property and the correct price.