The mistakes you should not make in 2020

Your digital ad must be differentiated through its quality. 
Have you ever wondered? Why don't I receive requests even though my property has been consulted many times? 

Here are some of the most common reasons and our suggestions. 

Reason no. 1: The price. 
Today's customers are very well informed about the price of m2 in area they like to invest, and many times the price requested by the owner is simply too high compared to other similar properties. The buyer is not willing to pay a sentimental value that the owners often unconsciously ask for. It is the job of a good agent to guide the owner to put a correct price right from the beginning of putting a property on the market. 
Another problem is the sale price of the same property by different agents. Remember that your competition also publishes, many times with the same images. That arises with new projects, where construction companies send the same information and images to many agents, and all upload this same information to the portals. When a customer searches for ex. Apartment for Sale in Punta Cana, and gets three identical ads, with the same photo, but with different prices and different agents, an environment of insecurity is created and it is very possible that the buyer does not contact any of them, because he lost trust. 

Reason no. 2: Your ads are outdated. 
You must avoid at all costs that any property still appears on the portal when it has already been sold or is in the process of being sold. For the buyer there is nothing more frustrating than falling in love with a property and when he wants to see it, it is already sold or the price has changed. This creates a bad reputation for you and your company. 

Reason no. 3: Mediocre description. 
Sometimes the little things make a big difference. Try to avoid these common errors as: 
• Spelling errors. These generate an unprofessional image. Right there you can lose your chance to be contacted. 

• Little or no description: Try to arouse an emotion when describing the property and its surroundings. Each property has some special charm to highlight, look for it when you receive the property! 
These topics should not be missing in any advertisement: 

o Description of environments 
o Approximate amount of fixed expenses as maintenance, if any. 
o Property value 
o Location (sector) 
o Description of the area (schools, public transport, shopping malls or nearby shopping centers). 

• Take care of the photos, avoid your wallet on the table, the broom in the corner, the trash can in the kitchen, the messy cushions etc. A bouquet of flowers on the table makes all the difference. Take these extra 10 minutes to do better. 

And finally, when you finished to insert the property on your website, check how the result looks like and ask yourself the following question: 
Does this ad reflect my professionalism and my attention to detail as expected by my next client? 

We know that all of that smells like work, but believe me, it's worth it. Our experience shows us every day. 

With our new content manager we make this job easier, because when creating it, we have thought of you. 

Did you know that more than 50% of sales are lost on the first contact. We will talk about this topic in our next Newsletter.