Did you know that more than 50% of sales are lost on the first contact?

You have invested time and effort in creating high quality ads to stand out from others. Now it's time to translate the leads into sales. 
It is time to show the potential customer, that his best choice is to work with a good real estate agent like you, who acts with professionalism and responsibility. 

There are important factors that you should never neglect. 

1. Quick response to requests. 
The faster you contact the interested person who requested additional information about a property, the higher are your chances of selling. A delay means that the client gets frustrated, and worse, probably starts negotiations with another agent. 


2. Ask personalized questions and answers. 
Do not just answer the questions that the client asked in his request. Try to create an interaction. Ask precise questions to show him that you really want to help him and that he is important to you. Listen carefully to his answers. 

3. Do not neglect the follow-up. 
Keeping a good follow-up on that customer who still does not buy from you is vital. If we take into account, that 80% of sales are closed between the fifth and twelfth contact, it is necessary to have our monitoring plan well structured. When our follow-up is well planned, the client will see us as a person that really is worried about helping. This is part of your job. 

4. Practice after-sales account tracking. 
The monitoring of all closed operations guarantees a really satisfied customer and translates his experience with you into recommendations and good comments about you and your agency. 

5. And finally - you will also be satisfied. 
The best motivation to continue doing a good job is not the good work environment, a lot of free time or money; it is success and satisfaction for having done an excellent job.