Make the difference between your home and others to achieve a quick sell

In a competitive housing market where many times offer exceeds demand, usually a person can sell a house faster by lowering the price. But there are other ways to improve the appeal of a home, in addition to the price reduction. If you are looking to sell your house you can follow these tips given below.

Make the difference between your home and others.

In order to attract attention and make your home more inviting, consider custom designs or additions, such as landscaping, high quality windows or a new roof. This can help improve the esthetic of the house, while it could add value to the home. Improvements must be of the colors and practical designs that will appeal to a wide audience.  However, you can contact a professional to spice up your home. According to an article in Realtor Magazine this year, some changes, such as adding a bathroom or put new shingles on a roof, it may not always pay off. But if you are going to invest in home improvement, do your research and make sure you put your money in what will likely get better return. Also, if you have added custom features that buyers think would be interested, make sure you they are included in the list of housing data. Every detail is an advantage when selling.

The first appearance matters

Sellers often overlook the importance of curb appeal of your home. The first thing a buyer sees is the external appearance and how it fits into the surrounding neighborhood. Try to ensure that the exterior has a fresh coat of paint, and the shrubs and lawns are well kept. In real estate, appearances mean a lot.

Get rid of what does not help

It is essential to remove all clutter from the house before showing it to potential buyers because buyers need to be able to imagine themselves in the space. This can include removing some furniture to make rooms look bigger, and store family photos and personal items, make sure electrical and sanitary facilities are optimal. You may even want to hire a stager (interior designer) to help you make better use of space. These costs may vary depending on what you want, especially if you rent modern and neutral furniture to show your home. Many people feel that designers can make a home more salable, so hiring deserves some consideration.
Again, the idea is to have the house moving and give potential buyers the impression that they will be able to move in right away and start enjoying their new home, instead of spending time and money to repair.

Improve the agreement

Regardless of how well you renovate and stage your home, it is still important to set the correct price. Consult a local real estate agent, read newspapers and go to real estate sites online to see what the prices of similar houses in your area are. The best possibility of selling is to be able to negotiate a price with potential buyers. Everyone is waiting to get some reduction, take this into consideration when placing your price.

Finally, it is important to note that some buyers are motivated by the option to close in a short period of time. If possible to close on the home within 30 to 60 days, you can set your business apart and get a contract. Selling a home in a down market requires some extra work. Do everything you can to get the house is in excellent shape and get ready to make some small considerations at closing. These tips, along with an attractive price, increase the odds of getting your home sold.

By  Arq. Josefina Ramírez
Arquitecto / Interior - Exterior